Sparkling Organic Fairtrade Real Cola

Sparkling Organic Fairtrade Real Cola 275ml

Gusto Organic Real Cola. A Great Taste award winning organic and Fairtrade Real Cola made with Real Cola nut from the rainforests of African, Fairtrade agave and Fairtrade Madagascan vanilla. Free from phosphoric acid, synthetic caffeine, artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. Sweetened naturally with organic fairtrade blue agave and organic erythritol. Less than 100 calories a bottle.GROWN UP SOFT DRINKS FREE FROM REFINED SUGAR. The Gusto Organic range of organic and Fairtrade sparkling drinks offer complex and delicious flavours free from chemical nasties, with ingredients of impeccable provenance with a balance of flavours from the finest fruit, spices and essential oils. Bottled in Devon with spring water from the hills of Exmoor.

Sparkling Organic Fairtrade Real Cola


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